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18. Yang Zhenzhong, Happy Birthday (1994)

Happy Birthday, 1994

Performance, Text, Photography

The day is cloudy at 9:15 am I put the cake in a black bag in a red Xiali taxi on the lakeside and went through the Yuhuang Mountain tunnel to Nanshan Cemetery at 10:05 am I found his grave today is your birthday wish you happy birthday I lit three joss sticks and opened the cake in front of the grave and some paper money sprinkled around the grave just now there is no one in the cemetery you quietly enjoy two ants crawling to you if you want to share with them I don't care about them I hope you'll accept it as my best wish I've cleaned up some leaves I've burned the paper money I don't need to know to to meet you.It's 11:30.I'll leave the cake here and I am leaving

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